Cheko Tapia Photography began in 2009, but in reality its story began long before that. Born in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico, Cheko Tapia’s humble demeanor and incredibly creative talents were unveiled by the circumstances he would find himself in. After studying Business Administration and Marketing, he found himself working in what he was most passionate about at that time: music. For over ten years he produced music for different artists in both Mexico and The United States directly and indirectly with companies such as Sony, Televisa and EMI. It was a twist of fate that brought him to the Rio Grande Valley, when a friend of his offered his home in McAllen, Texas, where he would eventually meet his future wife.  “Being involved with music for ten years allowed me the creative vision that I would later need for photography” Cheko shares. 

In 2008 he found himself face to face with a predicament. After a photographer he booked failed to show up for an important session, Cheko called on one of his cousins, also a photographer, to take his place. As fate would have it his cousin was unavailable, but did offer to lend Cheko his professional camera. This was the first time artist and instrument would meet to create a pathway that would lead Cheko to where he finds himself today. 

Over the past six years he has defined his talents through his work across the globe; travelling to cities like Paris, Key West Florida, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, San Miguel De Allende and Cancun to shoot stunning photographs for his clients. In 2014 his work graced the cover of The Valley Wedding Pages’s Annual Planning Guide and he was also an invited to photograph the “Premio lo Nuestro 2014” Univision event held in Miami, Florida.

Cheko’s talents are broad and encompass photography, music, videography, art and fatherhood. He shares that his wife, son and daughter are his inspiration to continually diversify his dreams and passions. “It’s fun to think of where I will be in the future, it began with music, I’ve added to that photography and perhaps later I will also fully embrace painting and drawing. It is very important to continue growing and reimagining ourselves, always learning and trying new things.” 

There is no doubt his talent continues to strengthen through is hard work and that his genuine personable demeanor will take him very far in life. 

Editorial – Featured Photographer by Vanessa Bengel

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